A Trip to Korlai Fort and Beach on my trusted Royal Enfield Bullet

Korlai fort is situated in Maharashtra, India and was built by the Portuguese to guard the Revdanda creek. The Korlai fort sits atop a small hill at 300 feet above the sea. This hill with fort is surrounded by ocean, rocky beaches and old buildings.

I usually like to ride on my Machine “The Royal Enfield” and people in India call it “Bullet”. People who own a Bullet, feel the pride of riding it. Whenever I come on the highway, the ride feels like I am riding a horse on a high speed.

Instagram @SooperSoloTraveller

When I was staying alone in Mumbai, I used to travel alone on my machine to near by places around 10 to 20 kms. As I was traveling alone I created a Instagram account named “SooperSoloTraveller” inspired from “SooperTraveler” my brother’s account. From then on I thought of traveling little longer and I discovered Korlai Fort, which is around 120 kms from Mumbai. This trip gave me a confidence of traveling alone for a longer ride.

The day when I traveled was an Independence day of India (Aug 15th) and as a love towards my nation, I placed the national flag on the head lamp, which gave an added pride to my bullet. I planned for a two day trip staying in the near by place of Korlai. While on my way found a lake. I could see lot of birds who came to drink water, but I couldn’t photograph them due to bad over exposed light.

Usually when I travel, I carry my camera, lenses, tripod and some safety related stuffs with the bag tied up in the back seat with bungee cords. The day I traveled, it was really a hot sunny day. Whenever I see any scenic place, I then stop by the road under a tree and capture some photographs. The picture below with the beauty of road and the bullet makes me inspire to ride more.

Our shadows shows the discussion on the route to entry point

I started my trip in the afternoon and it took around three hours to reach the destination with minimal halting on my way. My concern was to reach korlai before sunsets as I heard sunsets are beautiful in this place. As I planned I reached Korlai in the evening around 4 pm with breezy winds from the ocean welcomed me. I know that I was near to the fort but for my confirmation I asked a local person for the exact entry point so that I don’t miss the sunset. At last I reached the entry point, halted my bullet took out my bag hanged it on my shoulder with all the excitement started towards the fort.

Church built by Portuguese

As said Korlai fort is situated on a hill top of around 300 feet from the sea level. So, hiking was not so difficult and when you reach on to the hill top you will see an old demolished church built by Portuguese with breezy wind flowing on you. As I reached in the evening I could witness a colorful sun rays setting down. And when you reach to the top you could see some old demolished fort and a scenic ocean view which is really a fabulous place to visit.

I spent some quality time relishing mother nature, the pleasant wind, the ocean glittering with the setting down sun, vibrant colors on the sky and the sounds of ocean waves. It was a perfect place to capture some vibrant and silhouette photographs.

It was a perfect place for people who love the mother nature especially the sunset near a ocean from a hill top. I could capture some beautiful silhouette with the ocean any sky in the background. And I was enjoying the moment capturing it.

People witnessing the Nature

It was a vast view of ocean with mildly cloudy sky with people visiting the place from an other entry point to a smaller hill as there is no connectivity between the two hills. The mountains are covered by the ocean all around.

As the sun was getting down, I thought of going down the hill to the beaches. It was all rocky in front of the beach to avoid high tides hitting the shore. There was two perspective of views when I reached down to the beach. I mean the way the sun and ocean looked when you watch from a high hill and on the ground level are completely different. I could capture some silhouette with colorful sky and sun in the background. My tripod helped to capture me with my bullet and that didn’t happen in a single shot.

Before reaching korlai fort, I had booked a tent for my night stay near Revdanda. It was an amazing place to stay and experiences in a tent like this. There were lot of tents, play area, camp fire, small lake for boating and availability of food. One with family and friends can enjoy this place on its fullest. I found this place before starting my trip from Mumbai and booked it at the cost of around 800 Rps for a single/couple occupancy tent and it includes food for the night.

The night stay at the resort was pleasant with camp fire and music in the night. After a deep sleep in the tent, I woke up around 6 am in the morning and enquired resort boy regarding any places near by to visit and he suggested me a near by beach called Revdanda beach within a walkable distance. As it was walkable but still I took my bullet and a rode on the beach and the tides hitting my bullet, which I could relate with some movie scenes.

After having a blissful morning walk to Revdanda beach later packed my luggage had breakfast at the resort and started my way back to home. Meanwhile on my way back I found another beach named Kashid beach, which is called as a family beach because lot people gather here with their families. This is the end of my trip and reached Mumbai before it got dark. I can assure you that if you are a nature lover you will definitely like Korlai fort’s scenic beauty.

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    1. Its always fun riding and exploring on a motorcycle especially in India. Thank you for your interest on reading my blog.


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