Day 4: Grand Teton National Park

This was my final day at the Grand Teton National Park. I woke up early morning (4am) to catch the first light at Oxbow bend. It’s was an hr drive from the Gros Venture Campground, and it was one of the coldest morning. But I have seen pictures of Oxbow bend during dawn, and its simply breathtaking to be part of many photographers who had come to visit this scenic beauty. The fall foliage covering the Mt Moran and its reflection on the Snake river take your breath away. Having taken sunset picture here, I can tell that sunrise is more beautiful than the sunset.

Oxbow bend during Dawn
Oxbow bend during sunrise

Next I headed up to National Museum of Wildlife Art. The museum features some extraordinary paintings of wildlife by great artists. It was so beautiful to see in person. I spent close to 2 h just taking in the essence of such amazing paintings. Museum featured work by prominent artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Robert Kuhn, John James Audubon, and Carl Rungius.

Painting at National Museum of Wildlife Art
Horse grazing at the backdrop of Teton Mountains
Snake river and the Teton Mountains
Mid afternoon light at Oxbow bend
Panoramic view of Mt Moran and surrounding mountains
Aerobatics of Squirrel
Grazing horses at the backdrop of Teton Mountains
Iconic route 26 view of road meeting the Mountains
Mormon Row during full moon
Moulton Barn during full moon light

9 thoughts on “Day 4: Grand Teton National Park

  1. Beautiful shots. Looks like it was worth getting up super early to catch the first light at Oxbow bend. We visited Yellowstone a few years ago and just drove through Grand Teton National Park. I wish we had more time to stay longer and check it out. I guess this means we’ll just have to return someday.


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