Tranquility at Hermit Valley, CA

I, here share my experience of a camping trip to Hermit Valley, CA through the photographs posted below. I travel solo through the Stansislaus National Forest in the hope to escape the reality of life, and to experience pure solitude, peace, and tranquility. I eagerly wait for the route 4 to open to public, as months of snow closes this high mountain road. In May, when the roads were finally open, it gave an opportunity to explore Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway, which is a beautiful high mountain road that goes through the Stanislaus National Forest encompassing Alpine lakes, Pine Forest, Wildlife, and more. I packed in my tent and ventured into the wild landscape to camp and explore the gorgeous rivers, lakes, dark night sky, and beautiful fragrance of the forest (I bet you know how it feels to experience the pine forest fragrance and how addicting it is). I share my story through the pictures that I took in May 2020. On my way to the mountain road, I encountered some beautiful windmills, wheat fields, and large stretches of pine trees encompassing the road.

Direction from BayArea to Hermit Valley, Stanislaus National Forest
Wind mills along route I-680N
Wheat fields on Route 4E
Cabin view of Pine forests along Route 4E

For me all other things come secondary, It’s the oneness to nature is what I seek and what I want to portray in this photo blog. I first explored the Lake Alpine, a beautiful high altitude lake, and then I show you how I make a nice coffee from the near by stream at the camp. This has been my favorite way (you will see in the video, end of the blog) of making a great cup of coffee and enjoy the nature at its pristine beauty. Coffee and nature goes well pretty nicely :).

Lake Alpine, CA along route 4
Having some fun with the Snow ๐Ÿ™‚
The force of Mokelumne River
Light through the forest
Mokelumne River
Sunset at the Hermit Valley

After that I explore the Hermit valley, where I camp for the night, and explore snow melted river with such beauty and a chance to know self. After dark, beautiful stars give you a show that you remember for a long time to come of how vast the universe is. I strongly believe that dark skies need to be protected from vast light pollutions. This part of California, is so far away from the stretches of light pollution for now.

Camping at Hermit Valley Campground
Starring at the stars
Staring at the window to Universe
Playing with the Fire and observable Universe
Peace and Tranquility at Hermit Valley
Free Camping at Hermit Valley Campground
Celestial bodies at a distance

Next morning, I pack my tent to head to the Mokelumne River. The first light was so beautiful that was rising through the forest floor onto this river. Although this moment was brief, it was one of the most beautiful highlight of the trip. There was zone of time, where I didn’t think of future or past, but was thoroughly enjoying the now or the present.

First light at the Mokelumne River
Long exposure shot of Mokelumne River

Along the route 4, there were many alpine lakes, including the Mosquito lake. I found this scene where there were store houses nicely nestled in the pine trees.

Houses along the Mosquito lake
Car view of Mosquito lake

I also add another dimension to this blog, where I have posted two Youtube Videos of this trip. When I am traveling, I also take videos to showcase my travel diaries. If you enjoy this blog, I believe you will enjoy the videos I have posted below. I end here, and I would love to hear your feedback on this story. Thank you for your time.

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