The Colourful Shades of the Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais or Mt. Tam, as most locals call it, is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the Bay area, California. It is located just a short drive north of San Francisco Golden gate bridge. With an elevation of 2600 ft, it is the highest peak in the Marin Hills that is a part of the Northern California Coastal range. Covered with lush redwood forests, oak woodlands, grasslands, sturdy chaparral, and rolling golden hills, the view of Mt. Tam is a treat to eyes that is never to be missed. The drive up to the mountaintop is insane, with winding roads that offers spectacular panoramic views of the San Francisco city, Sausalito, Pacific ocean, and the surrounding mountain range.

I am fortunate to have visited Mt. Tam multiple times during my stay in the Bay area. The sunset over Mt. Tam is one of the most spectacular time to be at the top of the ridge, as you get stunning views of the rolling fog over the hills. The coastal fog momentarily reveals the trees and ocean underneath like a hide and seek. Sunsets bring many photographers to the ridge, who then line up to capture the time lapse of rolling fog over the hills. The captured scene looks like cotton candy cloud waves flowing just like a river. The experience is surreal if you are all alone, watching this magical moment unfold. I have watched this scene of nature numerous times not only during sunset, but during the full moon night. The distant stars and the white fog illuminated by moon covers the tree landscape like never seen before. The long exposure capability of camera helps capture the beauty of night wilderness. I remember the time I was so obsessed with Mt. Tam that I spent the night inside the park on a full moon light and trying my luck with light trail photography. It was an experience that I cherish to this day. When ever I go to Mount Tam, it always feels like the first time as if I am ready to explore all over again. I share here some of my memorable pictures from my trips to Mt. Tamalpais.

26 thoughts on “The Colourful Shades of the Mount Tamalpais

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  1. Stunning shots from your various trips to Mt. Tamalpais. I can see why you’ve visited multiple times. The scenery looks incredible. I love all the mist and low hanging clouds along the ridge. And that sunset is just spectacular.

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  2. Wow! Very beautiful! I have not been there… how breathtaking!! 😮😮

    Very beautiful photography and beautifully stunning place ❤️

    See why I love Cali so much ❤️✌️ takes your breath away with the natural beauty!!!

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