Vignesh and Vathani at Coonoor, India

We are Vignesh and Vathani from Soopertravelers. Before starting this site, I was traveling alone under “YT/instagram: Soopertraveler”. Since meeting her, I decided to change the name to Soopertravelers as we will be traveling together from now on. We love spending time with nature capturing its true beauty by sharing the stories through the landscape pictures as well as travel videos. I am particularly interested in landscape photography, and Vathani on the other hand is more inclined to Wildlife photography & gardening. At the heart both of us love to travel and capture the stories from the heart of nature including wildlife. I have so far traveled across California, Nevada, and Oregon, and I am always looking to explore further east to new landscapes for capturing stories. Vathani on the other hand has explored much of TamilNadu, a southern state of India, looking for wide range of bird species specific to south India.

Mahee with his Machine at Mekadattu, Karnataka

Another member of Soopertravelers family is my brother Mahee, who is also an avid traveler and a landscape photographer enthusiast. On this site, he will also be sharing his travel stories through his bike ride along many parts of India. He is a Bike enthusiast, and he loves to travel long distances on his trusted motorbike “The Royal Enfield” to cover stories in a completely new angle. All of us are nature lovers with a common passion including traveling and photography.

A Walk in the Redwood Forest